Integrated CRM quotation software

You can use iQuoteXpress (IQX) as a standalone solution, or easily integrate with your existing CRM platform. We offer out-of-the-box integration with the leading CRM systems.

With a readily available API library, the system is also flexible enough to integrate with custom or specialized software applications.

Please contact us to learn more about our API framework.


IQX is a Salesforce partner and integrates seamlessly with the world’s leading CRM. You can find our listing in the Salesforce AppExchange (or search for iQuoteXpress on the AppExchange).

Integrating with Salesforce is fast and easy. With just the click of a button, information from your Salesforce CRM contact database is synchronized with IQX. And it’s bi-directional: once a proposal made in IQX is complete, it’s referenced back to Salesforce opportunities.


IQX is a gold level member in the Oracle “PartnerNetwork” program. (You can find iQuoteXpress listed in Oracle’s Solutions Catalog.)

As a gold partner, IQX works with Oracle on prospective accounts who have an interest in bundled CRM/CPQ solutions using Oracle’s CRM On Demand in conjunction with IQX. Oracle and IQX users can dramatically increase ROI by leveraging the added value of both products—and teams—in tandem.


Are you a business built on Microsoft? We can help. Our API enables rapid and fluid integration of our pioneering CPQ with any Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. (Contact us for details.)

No need to have your reps bouncing from one platform to the next: keep your sales quotes and proposals connected to your Dynamics CRM. Whether you're using an installed, private cloud, or public cloud (e.g., Azure) version of Dynamics, our team has the technical expertise and business experience to help you get more from your CRM by adding IQX as your CPQ.