Proposal automation for any industry


iQuoteXpress (IQX) is being successfully used for proposal management across multiple tiers within a broad range of vertical markets and industries.

One thing the industries IQX serves have in common is that they’re highly competitive. That means the companies selling in them must 1) have a CPQ solution that lets them deliver accurate, custom, compelling quotes and proposals as quickly as possible, and 2) be equipped to track and respond to each proposal in real-time.

The depth and breadth of our growing client base comprises a diverse group of competitive companies. The market segments below demonstrate the cross-functionality of IQX and its wide application in most any industry.



Some of the fastest-moving companies in one of the world's largest industries rely on our automated platform to virtually manage their proposal process, which frees up staff to go after new business.

Manufacturer enjoys "reduction in quote times by 50%… reduction in errors by 95%"



We have clients from most every segment of this diverse and demanding market: cyber- and home-security systems makers, IT consultancies, SaaS providers, and more, each utilizing fully customized versions of our CPQ solution.

LA laser optics company targets “customer service” as a success-driver



Timeliness is the cornerstone of a successful service business, which is why service companies—building, installation, maintenance, and more—rely on IQX for rapidly served quotes and proposals.



Supply chain management and other channels in distribution provide diligent tracking for customers, and require the same for their quote and proposals. IQX lets distribution pros focus on tracking shipments instead of quotes.

Learn how IQX “pays big dividends” for Iowa’s Bee Line Company


the right experience for your business

These varied markets represent the wide array of businesses currently benefiting from streamlining and automating their pricing, proposal,
and quoting processes with customized implementations of IQX. Simply put: if your business requires sales proposals, quote management, and other sales enablement tools, IQX can help.

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